Genomic Standards Consortium

The Genomic Standards Consortium (GSC) is an open-membership working body formed in September 2005. The aim of the GSC is making genomic data discoverable. The GSC enables genomic data integration, discovery and comparison through international community-driven standards.

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Genomic Standards Consortium


The GSC supports a wide range of projects. All are described below and the link under “GSC Project Description” leads to a page with relevant information about the project, including contacts, overview information, key links, and documents like publications and how to get involved. These project descriptions are based on the GSC Project Description Template and are updated on an annual basis (Spring of each year). We welcome the addition of new projects at any time.

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Logo Acronym Full Name Project Description Lead Kickoff Meeting, Start Date Status
MIxSlogo MIxS Minimum Information about any Sequence Core standards of the GSC for describing genomes, metagenomes and gene marker sequences Pelin Yilmaz GSC 1, 2005 tbd
Gcdml-original-tiny GCDML Genomic Contextual Data Markup Language An XML schema implementing MIxS Renzo Kottmann GSC 4, 2007 tbd
GRS_transparent_small GRS Genomic Rosetta Stone Mapping of genomic identifiers across databases (to help unify descriptions from different electronic sources) Peter Dawyndt GSC 4, 2007 tbd
SIGS Standards in Genomic Sciences Journal The Open Access Journal of the Genomic Standards Consortium (GSC) George Garrity GSC 5, 2008 tbd
M5_logo_trans_small M5 Metagenomics, Metadata, MetaAnalysis, Models and MetaInfrastructure Bringing it all together in metagenomes – from data, to metadata to workflows to clouds Folker Meyer GSC 9, 2005 tbd
Microbial_earth_logo_small MEP Microbial Earth Project Megasequencing project covering all microbial type strains (~10.000 genomes) Nikos Kyrpides GSC 9, 2009 tbd
GBWG2-logo GBWG GSC Biodiversity Working Group Building intersections between the genomics and biodiversity communities – towards building the field of “Biodiversity Genomics” Bob Robbins GSC 9, 2009 tbd
GSC_Developers_logo_small MIxS-ers MIxS Compliance and Interoperability Working Group The engine of the GSC – developers and curators working together to implement MIxS James Cole GSC 10, 2010 tbd
B3_design2_micro_newB_2_small Micro B3 Biodiversity, Bioinformatics and Biotechnology Marine Microbial Bioinformatics Platform development – generating and using GSC compliant data – including Ocean Sampling Day Frank Oliver Glöckner GSC 11, 2011 tbd
envo EnvO Environment Ontology An ontology to describe the environment (and samples taken from it) Pier Luigi Buttigieg GSC 14, 2012 tbd
MIxSlogo MIxS-BE MIxS for indoor metagenomics A MIxS environmental package for describing the microbial community in built environments Lynn Schriml GSC 13, 2012 tbd
c9aee8929333a558f780c73697096311 BIOM The Biological Observation Matrix (BIOM) format A uniform file format for capturing the sample by observation matrix-style data and metadata that is common in the -omics fields. Greg Caporaso GSC 13, 2011 tbd
Genomic observatories GOs Network Genomic Observatories Network Building a global network of expert site with long-term highly contextualized genomic observations Neil Davies GSC 14, 2012 tbd
biocodecommonsTrans Biocode Commons Biocode Commons Building the informatics stack for the Genomic Observatories Network – from field to analysis to publication John Deck GSC 14, 2012 tbd
MIGO MIGO Minimum Information about a Genomic Observatory A specification for describing Genomic Observatories Neil Davies GSC 12, 2011 tbd
ISA ISA Infrastructure Next-generation data sharing software suite based on the ISA-file format – capable of handling multi-omic data.also available as a G-doc. Susanna Sansone 2012 (2003) tbd
MIPS_logo MIPS Minimum Information on a Phenotype MicroArray Study A minimum standard for recording and distributing PM data, which aid in improving genome annotation and testing metabolic hypotheses Hans-Peter Klenk GSC 15, 2013 tbd
mibig1.pdf MiBiG Minimum Information about a Biosynthetic Gene cluster

Description of gene clusters encoding the biosynthesis of secondary metabolites.

Marnix Medema GSC 15, 2013 tbd
MIGO GCDJ Genomic Contextual Data JSON A JSON exchange format for Genomic Contextual Data Ivaylo Kostadinov GSC 17, 2015 tbd
MIxSlogo MIxS-HCR MIxS for hydrocarbon resources A MIxS environmental package for describing the microbial community in hydrocarbon resources Nicolas Tsesmetzis GSC 17, 2015 tbd
GGBN GGBN Standard GGBN Data Standard Specification A set of terms and controlled vocabularies designed to represent tissue, DNA or RNA facts Gabi Droege GSC 18, 2016 tbd

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