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MIxS Indoor GSC Project

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1. Project Title: Minimal Metadata for the Built Environment: A MIxS extension

2. Project Lead

BE-MIxS Extension: Lynn Schriml (GSC) and Elizabeth Glass

Project PI: Folker Meyer (GSC)

3. Initial Team members

Sloan Foundation Built Environment Working Group: Folker Meyer (GSC), Elizabeth M. Glass, Yekaterina Dribinsky, Andreas Wilke (GSC), Rob Knight (GSC), Hal Levin, Robert Van Pelt, Doug Wendel, Jonathan A. Eisen, Sue Huse, Paula, Olsiewski, Anna Shipanova, Mitch Sogin, Jason Stajich

IGS: Lynn M. Schriml

Pelin Yilmaz (GSC)

4. Elevator pitch The Sloan Foundation has established the Microbiology of the Built Environment (BE) to uncover the complexity of microbial ecosystems of inside spaces. Bringing together researchers and architects, the Microbiomes of the Built Environment Data Analysis Core (MoBeDAC) is developing and coordinating a cohesive representation of the microbial community in built environments. MoBeDAC has established a working group to expand the GSC MIxS standard for microbial sequences collected from Built Environments. Samples collected, sequenced and annotated with MIxS-BE metatdata from waste-water, air filters, air and surfaces of indoor spaces provides a rigorous and structured tool for analysis of microbial sequences and ecosystems of the indoor and outdoor environments.

4. Project Summary

5. Have you spoken about the project already within GSC? MIxS-BE was presented to the GSC community at GSC12 and GSC13. The project was discussed during GSC board calls and reviewed by the Board.

6. Which existing projects, if any, does this one replace/complement/subsume/expand? Explain briefly why an extra project is needed/justified (what gap does it fill?) Expanding environmental packages of MIxS for built environment – direct extension of MixS to add a new environmental packaged defined by this new, expert community (indoor, build environment descriptors)

7. How does this project fit into GSC’s mission statement (might also expand it)? Providing contextualized metadata for genome sequences for a new class of sequences

8. Will you start a GSC working group (how far along are you?)? If not, why not (i.e. subgroup within developers group, existing external community, etc) A GSC working group was established, Lynn Schriml, Folker Meyer, Rob Knight, Pelin Yilmez, Andreas Wilke along with members of MoBeDAC project.

9. How do you wish to further engage the GSC (recruit members to project, get consultation, link to other GSC projects, etc)? This has already been done.

10. Do you already have a website or do you wish to create a home page for the project in the GSC website (GSC maintains an open wiki at present, all working groups have a page)? The MoBeDAC web site is the projects home page ( Pelin is adding the MIxS-BE packages and the MoBeDAC project to GSC site.

11. What other resources might you like from what the GSC can offer (mailing lists, etc) ? None

12. What kind of timeline are you working to for building consensus, releasing a first version etc? Eight months from initiation, to consultation with GSC, developing first version of standard, presenting this to board and MIxS working group, presenting project to GSC community, receiving feedback from GSC members (board, working group, developers group), submitting first full version of standard for approval from working group, receiving approval from working group, submitting to board for final approval, incorporating standard/extending MIxS with BE environmental packages.

13. What resources will be required for completion (funding, man power, etc.)? (This question is just to give an idea about the size of the project) The project is funded by the Sloan Foundation. The MIxS-BE environmental package is being incorporated into MIxS in April, 2012. After that, it will be incorporated into INSDC.

14. What are your current plans for publishing/promoting the project? The MIxS-BE environmental package has been published in the ISME Journal, see:

15. References or relevant websites (for further reading) See MoBeDAC homepage