Genomic Standards Consortium

The Genomic Standards Consortium (GSC) is an open-membership working body formed in September 2005. The aim of the GSC is making genomic data discoverable. The GSC enables genomic data integration, discovery and comparison through international community-driven standards.

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Genomic Standards Consortium


Compliance with the core MIxS is very easy – it only consists of 11 metadata items, and can be filled in very quickly prior to sequence submission to public databases.


Below are examples of MIxS compliant metadata lists for a genome sequence, a metagenomic sample, and a marker gene survey. They have varying degree of detail, but ultimately what makes them MIxS-compliant are the common items marked in bold red font.


Genome sequencing of Sediminibacterium sp. – note the use of conditional metadata items from the MIGS checklist


A metagenome (WGS) sequencing sample from sea water – here the sample is extensively characterized by using parameters from environmental package “water”


Marker gene survey on dsrA sequences and the accompanying MIMARKS-survey metadata – note the use of MIMARKS checklist conditional mandatory metadata items