Genomic Standards Consortium

The Genomic Standards Consortium (GSC) is an open-membership working body formed in September 2005. The aim of the GSC is making genomic data discoverable. The GSC enables genomic data integration, discovery and comparison through international community-driven standards.

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Genomic Standards Consortium


While the vast majority of GSC efforts are contributed on a volunteer basis by a wide range of participants, the GSC gratefully acknowledges that it has received formal funding for the activities listed below.

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Industry Sponsorship

Starting 2012, the GSC has an Industry Annual Subscription Program. There are three levels of sponsorship – Silver, Gold and Platinum – each with specific benefits for the sponsor. Please contact us for more information.

Previous sponsors:

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Other Funding and Sponsorship

The GSC acknowledges all participants of past GSC meetings for their thoughtful contributions – many of which are still ongoing within the GSC. The GSC also acknowledges a range of funding sources for its past meetings including NERC, NIeES, NSF, GBMF and the DOE. The GSC was launched in 2005 with funding from NIEeS and a NERC International Opportunities Award called “‘Cataloguing our Complete Genome Collection(NE/3521773/1) 2005-2008 and NERC granted further funding to build essential infrastructure (NE/D01252X/1). Funding from NSF in the form of a Research Co-ordination Network (RCN4GSC) is further supporting knowledge exchange between GSC members and external communities, exchange visits of early career scientists to tackle GSC implementation projects, and helped launch the GSC’s Developer Group and the Biodiversity Working Group. The DOE has also now given funds to support the earliest stages of the development of the vision for the M5 project.

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The GSC acknowledges the support of the following institutions and companies which have hosted and or supported GSC events: NIeES (GSC 1 and 3), the European Bioinformatics Institute (GSC 2, 4, 5, 6), UCSD (GSC 7), DOE Joint Genome Institute (JGI) (GSC 8), J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI) (GSC 9) and Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) (GSC 10).The GSC also acknowledges the generous support of the sponsors of GSC 9 and GSC 10.

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The GSC also acknowledges the generous support of the sponsors of GSC 9 and GSC 10.